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Note from Clyde My company of maintains 135,000 to 150,000 titles covering all aspects of titles for Christians.
TESTIMONIAL I have done some business with Clyde - both for my own use and for shipments overseas. His prices are always fair to low; he is responsive to questions, and he does what he say he will do. Spend your money with Clyde. IF you find a better price on any item, then ask him if he can meet or beat it. He has done that for me. - Just Another Christian

We work with individuals to ship bibles to third world countries in both English and other languages. When we are given a little time to search for the best buys, and we are not required to have a certain publisher, we can normally save lots of $$$ on books, especially Bibles. Each month most of the publishers have specials which allow us to ship bibles for 40 to 60% off of the English Versions, retail price, most of the time.

We will drop ship the bibles directly from here, complete the proper papers for the country it is going to. Most of the time we ship parcel post and obtain insurance in case they do not arrive. There are a few countries where Insurance is not available and books are shipped at the risk of the buyer.

A word of caution: If you receive inquiries from some areas, such as Africa or Nigeria, make sure who you are working with. I can tell you many bad stories of people getting ripped off on scams from these two countries. In fact, we were taken in by a scam from Italy last Christmas that turned out to really be from Nigeria. That cost me $340.00. I also have an $11,000.00 fake Cashiers check here as a reminder. (At least I didnít ship anything to them)