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Expert ElderCare, Professional Service in Spain


Increasing frailty through the effects of advancing years
Long term or chronic illness
Incapacity or infirmity after recent discharge
from hospital
A period of post-operative recuperation at home
Respite or holiday cover for a dependant requiring such
assistance, so that you may be able to leave the home without worrying about your loved ones
A change in circumstances resulting in care difficulties
(new job; other obligations, etc.)

Home Ease provides personal care-management in the home and are pioneers of professional care-management on the Costa del Sol.

As pioneers of the industry, we consistently set standards that others try hard to follow! We know how to look after people. Our trained and competent staff are fully mobilised and at the forefront of care provision. Home Ease manages all aspects of your care requirements.

The Home Ease policy of continuous supervision, monitoring and discipline has been implemented to safeguard clients and maintain their right to care in the true sense of the word.

Caring for somebody means to have a concern-for and interest-in that person. Our whole approach shows that we really do care for you.

On the Costa, there seems to be no shortage of experts in any field imaginable. Unfortunately, all too often their efforts prove that they are anything but expert.

Please don't take risks with your well-being. Your safety and welfare are far too important to gamble with. With Home Ease you are assured of a competent, efficient and dedicated service.

Thousands are attracted to Spain by the beautiful climate and superior quality of life. Unfortunately, those same things draw many who are running away from trouble.

All too often, Spain is a quick and easy way to exchange notoriety at home for anonymity abroad. Home Ease affords you a certain level of protection from that danger. We consider security to be a crucial area of recruitment. Therefore, we maintain a policy of stringent vetting of all our staff and representatives.

Don't make yourself vulnerable!

Without the Home Ease shield of protection, you are allowing a virtual stranger the run of your home purely on the basis of self-recommendation or what amounts to third-party hearsay.

We speak English. Practically all of our domestic staff are British. That means you don't have to suffer the difficulty and frustration of trying to make yourself understood. When you're not at your best, having to constantly repeat yourself is tiring.

You can trust us to get on with things for you with the minimum of fuss.

Because your rights and dignity are important to you, they are also important to us. Since you will be a valued client, we will show respect for your feelings and personal preferences.

With Home Ease, you secure considerable advantages. The most important of these is your peace of mind. First of all, you know that the person working in your home has fulfilled our basic identification criteria. But that is only the first stage incorporated into the stringent security procedures which all of our staff undergo. With Home Ease managing your care, you are not dependant on an individual but on a dedicated team. Should the need arise, we will arrange for replacement staff that satisfies you and that we consider most suitable for you.

Our staff are supervised, monitored and disciplined as a matter of routine. With Home Ease, you are backed by people committed to looking after you.

We will work out a tailored care package with you. With Home Ease, every client is special and wherever possible, we will work according to your requirements. Whatever the situation, we will do our utmost to arrange a care plan which accommodates your circumstances and preferences.

HOME EASE recognises that our clients may have differing needs and requirements. Whether you are homebound and in need of 24 hour care, or only needing occasional assistance, we will try to arrange a plan that suits you and meets all of your needs. Contact us and see if our service is just what you've been looking for!

You can call to inquire about our in-home care services 24 hours per day, 365 days of the year.
We are ready and available to take your call!

CALL US AT 952-293-285 (within Spain) and ask for Paul Price

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